Born in Sahagun (Cordoba), along the Sea of Tolú and Coveñas, he has lived most of his life in Bogota. With major in Hispano-American literature of the Seminario Andrés Bello, Instituto Caro y Cuervo, and a master degree from the Javeriana University at Bogotá. He is part of the literature group “Cartel de Bogotá”, and currently Master in Literature at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.

Andrés has received several literary awards. Some of the most recent ones are: XXIV National Contest winner Tale Barranquilla Metropolitan University, 2002; Prize for the best book of short stories, vignettes of love and life, Colombian Chamber of Book XIII International Book Fair, Bogota April 2000, and finally with the novel The sky in portraits, he won honorable mention in the National Novel Contest Plaza and Janes of Bogota.

Recently, thanks to Tiempo de Leer, we have published together two amazing tales:

“Tres Chicos y una Iguana” (2012)
“Tío Rubén y el Escarabajo” (2012)


(Bogotá, 1975) Writer and designer. He has participated in the workshop for writers of the Central University -teuc- 2010, and the creative writing workshop of the Nacional University. In 2014 Andres becomes part of the family Tiempo de Leer, with a pioneering role in the new collection “Las Aventuras de Tanka” dedicated to first readers, 0-5 years old. Andrés and Tanka, as part of our family will make them laugh, feel, dance and sing with the great adventures of Tanka.

Recently, thanks to Tiempo de Leer, we have published together six amazing tales:

*La Familia de Tanka

*En el Parque con Tanka

*La semana con Tanka

*En la granja con Tanka

*Las Vocales y Tanka

*Los Sonidos y Tanka

Boris Bustamante

Philosopher, linguist, and Master in Communication. Professor of the Faculty of Science and Education (Graduate Programme); Director and Professor of the Distrital University at Bogotá. He has co-authored publications such as “Modelo pedagógico de competencia televisiva” 2004 and “Comunidad de aprendizaje como comunidad de lenguaje” 2003.

Recently, thanks to Tiempo de Leer, we have published together the following book:

“Competencias Comunicativas. Pensar en el lenguaje”


The Colombian writer Carlos Guevara is a renowned writer and essayist, who has excelled in the national academic field for his commitment to education by teaching young people about the importance of literacy skills, with particular emphasis on issues such as: the importance of writing an essay, literary theory and pedagogy of literature; topics of relevant interest to all those focused on the study of Spanish language and literature in general. On the other hand, Carlos Guevara worked as teacher of the Distrital University, where besides teaching, he has been active in the process of academic research within the organization. Finally, it should be noted that the author has not only exceled at academic writing with books like “Sentidos e Interpretaciones” By Tiempo de Leer, but also at literature for children with books like:

*Un Cuadro y un cuento para Ritha

*Competencias Comunicativas


Writer, essayist, lawyer and Colombian Graduate Teacher, he has over thirty years of experience. Finalist in the National Novel Contest of the Institute of Culture of Bogota. Author of crime novels: “El ojo y la culpa” and “Buscando a Nazim”

Recently, thanks to Tiempo de Leer, we have published together the following books:

*El Chispero Carbonell, breve novela de corte histórico

*Un E- Mail a la Señora Bloom, de la corriente de literatura urbana

*Buscando a Nazim, arriba referida.

*Las Guerras del General Nariño (2016)


Born in Bogota; Bachelor studies in biology at the University Francisco José de Caldas and a minor in Creative Writing at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. She has extensive experience in the areas of research and education in various ecosystems and regions such as: the Amazon, Orinoco and Caribbean. She contributed by gathering data about ecology, distribution and conservation of marine mammals. Also she has worked in environmental education programs at local communitie schools.

Recently, thanks to Tiempo de Leer, we have published together the following books:

* Emergencia en el Río Grande

* Una Familia Real

* Bajo el Mismo Cielo


Jose Martinez Sanchez was born in Aguadas, Caldas (Colombia), 1955. Poet, novelist and essayist, selected and awarded in several national contests. National Short Story Prize of Testimony Foundation (1984); national prize for children’s literature (1990); honorable mention in the international competition tale Círculo de Lectores and Poets Ibero New York (1998). Some of his children’s books have been included in anthologies of the genre and collections of children’s literature. Since 2009.

Recently, thanks to Tiempo de Leer, we have published together the following books:

*Rumba en la Casa del León

*Vuela Abuela Golondrina

*Aventuras de la Dama Infanta (1st and 2nd edition)

*El Niño que se atrevió a Volar (4th edition)


Born in Capitanejo (Santander) in 1957. Teacher and Journalist. Master in Political Studies and Public Administration. He served as an educator over 16 years. As politician he worked as local representative of Tunjuelito district at Bogotá, where he represented the district in the Territorial Planning Council of Bogota. He wrote the book “La Planeación Local” which first edition appeared in 1999. He also wrote the book “La Planeación Territorial” (2001); and “TLC USA- Colombia; Lo ancho pa’ellos”(2004). Finally, it is important to mention that he was University Teacher during 10 years.


Lolita Robles de Mora is a well-known Venezuelan author, born in Asturias, Spain, in 1993. She was magister in Latin American and Caribbean literature from the Universidad de los Andes, educator and author of around one hundred books, including legends and myths, both urban and rural and indigenous. Such books were widely known and consecrated as the best research of this field in Venezuela.

Recently, thanks to Tiempo de Leer, we have published together the following books:

*Gallito de las Rocas Mensajero del Sol

*El Concierto del Turpial

*La Casa del Martín Pescador

*El Pájaro Carpintero


In 1917 he graduated from the Normal school, the only academic degree a woman might be eager for at that time, and after a brilliant career of social commitment, he served as National Inspector of Public Schools, the highest public position held by a woman at that time.

The originality of María is her prose, and as pioneer of the genre of children’s fiction, she became one of the most important authors of the country. Her last publication took place in: 1948, 1966 and 1990.

Nowadays, Tiempo de Leer as a tribute to this wonderful woman, brings to life “El Conejo Viajero”


Argentinean author based in Uruguay, expert on literature for children and youth with postgraduate studies in Animation literacy (University of Cordoba, Argentina). Writer and member of AULI (Uruguayan Association of children’s literature), academic member of Pialí (International Outreach Program Children’s Literature) since 2010, virtual tutorials on the MEC (Ministry of Education and Culture) concerning the PNL (National Reading Plan). Until 2011 he taught at various workshops in the Municipal Library of Lisasola Felisa. In 2012: She was in charge of the Library of Crandon College, with its own program of dynamic reading workshops.

Recently, thanks to Tiempo de Leer, we have published together the following books:

* Instrucciones si ves un extraterrestre

* Instrucciones para Domesticar un Dragón o Vicho Similar

* Instrucciones para alejar monstruos nocturnos

* La Increíble Historia de un Amor y una No Nariz

* De Magos y Detectives

* Luciano un Sapo Lírico


Born in Bogota, 1960. Translator and author of books, poems and numerous essays. He has also written and published work in various media channels of Colombia and abroad. In addition he works as a researcher in education, a field in which he has published several books. Finally, he has traveled all around the country conducting workshops with teachers and students.
In recent years he has blossomed in his interest in literature linked to environmental care. That is why Tiempo de Leer has published his following titles:

* Sebastián y sus Loritos.
* Roger, el Tigre que perdió sus Rayas
* Camilo, el Caimán Llanero
* Alicia y el Dragón que Moría de Amor”
* Cómo Elaborar Preguntas y Pruebas Escritas para Evaluar Competencias en Matemáticas (Libro para docentes); Libro taller “Convivencia Escolar” (libros para docentes y estudiantes)


Fifteen years of study on the emerald black and white markets have made him an expert at this field. Also he is about to launch a thriller of twenty stories written at different stages of his life. As he has a certain spirit of Sherlock Holmes, it has become almost an obsession for him to investigate violence in Colombia. At the end of the day he was witness of that violence, back in the future, in Jesus Maria, Colombia, where he was born 50 years ago.

Thanks to the influence of Truman Capote, Conrad, Hemingway and even Defoe, he ended up in journalism. Starting in journals in the West of Colombia, continued in his own village and finally in the famous magazine CROMOS. They were the bohemian times of his life. Now he devoted to writing and lecturing; he even forget about long hours of writing and cigarette.

Recently, thanks to Tiempo de Leer, we have published together the following books:

*La Pola, Espía Patriota

*Biografía del Disparate. Personajes típicos de Bogotá

Pedro Claver Téllez awarded in 2006 the national prize of the Ministry of Culture to best short film script for his text about the life of Policarpa Salavarrieta, La Pola; script that gave rise to the book: “La Pola, Espía Patriota” published by Tiempo de Leer in 2011.

rubenlopez2 (2)

Writer and editor with a graduate degree from the University of Antioquia. He was born in Santa Rosa de Cabal (Colombia). Founder and editor of the magazines Oassys, El Muro and Rampa. Member of the literary workshop of the Pilot Public Library of Medellín, led by Manuel Mejia Vallejo. Also, he became part of the staff of the Spanish literary magazine Oxigen, and made cultural scripts for television. Finally, he has contributed in various print media in Colombia and abroad. Founder of the party of writers The Octámbulos, which currently operates in Medellin.

Recently, thanks to Tiempo de Leer, we have published together the following books:

*Flor de Lis en el País de la Mantequilla

*El Carnero Azul

*Gorito el Abusón


Born in Bogota. As a journalist develops her ability to write and teach. Thus it passed long hours writing stories and novels that only enthusiast juries of a literary contest can read, hoping someday her books to be read by all. Professor at the University of Quindio, promoting creative freedom as a source of personal fulfillment. In her relatively short career, Sandra has won two contests, the International Passy Dunant, mention short story, with the story “El paso del perdón” and Short Story Competition IV City Bogota YMCY, with the story “Todo por un maní”

Recently, thanks to Tiempo de Leer, we have published together the following books:

*La Isla de las Palabras

*El Regalo de Venancio

*Venancio’s Gift

IMG_4682[1].jpg sonia y placa al 60

She studied Catalan philology in Barcelona, Spain. As a writer she has published two books of short stories “La otra ventana” and “Histórias anómalas”. In 1993 she was conducted the research proposal “Almacen de los niños. Historia de la literature infantile en Colombia” and has published anthologies of poetry and story for children and young people like “País de versos. Antología de la poesía infantil en Colombia”. Also she published a collection of detective stories with Editorial Magisterio.

Recently, thanks to Tiempo de Leer, we have published together the following books:

*Las Travesuras del Pícaro Tío Conejo

*Fábulas Colombianas y Extranjeras

*La Doble Agente

fotos 033befab8

Born in Florida – Uruguay. He lived for three months in Montevideo where she did her studies. Married, with two daughters and two grandchildren. She attended to the Institute of Fine Arts of the Conventual Fathers, home of the painter professor Jorge Damiani. School of Law. Third year of Education. He attended courses and workshops on Children’s Literature. Writing for children and young people for decades working in interactive workshops in schools and private and public high schools in the capital and the provinces. She served as juror in several literary competitions. In 1997 opened with his youngest daughter Rosana Borsani, and a ceramist Marina Serralta, a workshop aimed at personal development of the child, which consists of various activities such as plastic, ceramics, music, literature, advertising criticism, puppets, etc.


He was born in Cienaga, department of Magdalena, Colombia, in 1986.

Writer and promoter of reading. He functioned as librarian ad honorem in the Library of Swamp. He gave workshops on children’s literature in the “Huellas literarias” program that was implemented in Santa Marta by the Fundación Huellas Caribeñas. Participated in the Magdalena as a promoter of reading in the project Remoto in the word of the Regional Center for the Promotion of the Book in Latin America and the Caribbean, CERLALC.

He also worked in the department of the Atlantic as a promoter of reading in the project Community-art, cultural library of the Ministry of Culture.

In 2004, he won the Poetry Prize Greogorio Castañeda Aragón, promoted by the Union of Educators of Magdalena, and in 2007 the Mayor of Santa Marta with Radio Galeón named him Artist of the Year. He has published the books for children Guess enamorador (poetry) and Armando Alegría and the book of games (narrative).

FrancisoCarrie 2Francisco y Carrie se conocieron hace unos quince años y un día decidieron que hacían una mezcla interesante para entrar al mundo de los libros. Él publicista de oficio y ella lectora incansable y educadora de corazón. Los dos aman los mapas y los viajes, los caminos y sus gentes. Los dos comparten una gran pasión por historias bien contadas de cualquier rincón del planeta. Él terminó siendo más diseñador que publicista y en eso lleva un poco mas de dos décadas. Ella, la mejor mamá y educadora de tres ávidos lectores, tuvo un dia la visión de que juntos deberían contar alguna historia colombiana. Así nació Colombia se Escribe con Cóndor, la primera página de más historias por venir. 

Poet and Writer Born in Zapatoca (Santander) in 1953

  • Literature professor
  • Bachelor of Educational Administration from University San Buenaventura
  • Master in Administration and Supervision from Externado de Colombia University.
  • Director of the Literary Creation Workshops Magic of the Word for children, youth and adults.

Has published:

Rainbow of Hope. Poems Footprints of Pale Silence. Poems

Crispin of the Seven Seas. Poems for children. Paco Cachetes (Poems for children). The Dance of the ghosts (Poems for children); The Inheritance of Toñita Perales Novel for children, Poporrichi, among others.


He won the Carlos Martín National Poetry Prize in 2014; the IDEP Award for Educational Innovations 2009, winner of Creation Scholarship in Children’s Literature of the Department of Santander in 2013 and 2015, finalist in the Gabriela Mistral Children’s Literature Award, the Diario de Huila Children’s Literature Award and the Encina de Poetry Contest of the Glen in Madrid Spain.