“Communication vital axis in the integral development of the human being”

This is a project that has been carried out in the school for 26 years, under the coordination of the Department of Humanities, in which teachers and students participate from pre-school to eleventh grade, belonging to the two academic days.

The general objective of this project is to “Generate an experiential approach to reading, where the student, through continuous and interdisciplinary work, appropriates the knowledge of the literary work, to understand it, analyze it and recreate it in an artistic form, as well as share experiences with The entire educational community. ”

In addition to the general objective of promoting reading, in particular of national authors, students are expected to have an approach with writers so that they can respond to the concerns raised by the reading of their works, and find different motivations for them to dare to to write.

The process is developed in different stages that include the selection of works and authors that will be read in each grade and during each academic period; The individual and collective reading of such works; The carrying out of individual and collective works on the chosen works that give an account of the reception of the readers and which are manifested through various textual genres (songs, poems, plays or puppets, etc.) and, finally, an annual day in The one that realizes a great festival with the presence of the authors of the works read during the year, in which the works of the students are exposed. The invited authors meet with the groups of students who read his work and hold a dialogue, generating a very enriching dialogue space.

Over the last twenty-six years, more than one hundred Colombian writers have participated in the Encuentro, which shows the strength and permanence of this project, which is increasingly strengthened thanks to teachers, students of the Educational Institution, and the linking of educational authorities Education) and publishing companies.

Another achievement of the project is materialized in the literary production (birth of writers) of teachers and students who thanks to the support of the educational institution have been able to publicize their works. This is the case of Professor Mariana Ramos (After the first coffee, Chela the turtle who learned to fly, and El olvido, a history of memories) Professor Camilo Morales Neisa (Of full moon and other stories), and in 2016 The student Jorge Darío Carmona, of eleventh grade (Dreams).

We are grateful to Professor Gilma Niño who kindly attended our invitation to carry out this review.

Created by: Mauricio Contreras Hernández