Let’s go to the Filbo

Let's go to FILBO2017 ...! The International Book Fair of Bogotá, FILBO, will be held in Corferias from April 25 to May 8, 2017. And as in previous years, Editorial Tiempo de Leer

Echandia IED Project

PROJECT IED DARÍO ECHANDÍA ECHANDIAN LITERATURE MEETING "Communication vital axis in the integral development of the human being" This is a project that has been carried out in the school for 26 years, under

Martín Girasol ENG

Martín Girasol The friend of the trees, the birds, the wind and the flowers has found the fertile soil to grow the most beautiful flowers. Martín Girasol teaches us to live in harmony

The boys have to go back to school

"The Boys Have to Get Back A Little Bored" Posted on September 22, 2014 by F.M. Daily One By Sara González The brain has become a phenomenon that now everyone wants to know. There

Project Writer’s Birth

Project Writer's Birth The project "Born a reader, born a great writer" is a proposal that is built in Bogota since the 1990s and initially proposed to create favorable conditions in the school to

Start the Read Time Newsletter

The Reading Time Newsletter is born When we published the first book, 18 years ago, few believed that we would publish the second. Today we have about one hundred works circulating in schools, schools,

Argos 2016 Award

Award: "Argos Builds Readers 2.016" The book "Emergencia en el río grande", written by Jhoana Barbosa and illustrated by Edwin Ángel, María Alejandra Daza and Zoe Ángel Daza, and published by Tiempo de Leer was

How important is reading?

Zunilda Borsani presents an article on the importance of reading in children.


Maria Luisa de Francesco Argentinean author based in Uruguay, expert in literature for children and young people, with a postgraduate course on reading and writing animation (University of Córdoba, Argentina). Writer and member of AULI


Two books are being promoted by Luis Rafael Gutierrez, a sciaguero who effortlessly became a writer. "Adivina Enamorador" and "Armando Alegría", literary works aimed at children and adults willing to revive their childhood through their


He was born in Sahagún (Córdoba), near the sea of Tolú and Coveñas and lives in Bogota. He belongs to the literary group Contra cartel de Bogotá, specializes in Hispanic American Literature at the Andrés