Project Writer’s Birth

The project “Born a reader, born a great writer” is a proposal that is built in Bogota since the 1990s and initially proposed to create favorable conditions in the school to bring the primary students willingly to read and write.

Its implementation, with the significant approach of the teacher mediator and animator to the reading, allows the participation in collective of the students. Part of a series of sequential and systematic pedagogical actions that facilitate the inclusion of each participant in a confident way in a process of appropriation of reading in different spaces.

There are differentiated moments for the daily reading aloud by the teacher, dedicated specifically to listen, to imagine, to ask and to put in evidence strategies of thought as they are the anticipation, the inference, the prediction and the clues.

The reading experience provides a very important space to leave written footprint and is the textual production: “I write what I think”, an exercise that starts from the desire and the affection for reading and is when the reader’s diary is built.

Of course the classroom in these processes is not closed, its dynamics allows (invites) the entry of agents such as parents (parents’ circles), teachers and students of other courses (reading clubs).

The daily participation gains experience among the children and empowers them to become animators to the reading of other students.

The academic life of the school benefits from all the richness of the experience, since the student enriches himself daily with a wealth of reading experiences that prepare him for different intervention scenarios; This translates into a confident and timely participation.

To conclude, this kind of experiences favor the creation of other reading classrooms that are reminding the educational community that the school is the privileged space for reading and writing whose pedagogical intentionality breaks the limits of institutionality.

The project: “born a reader, born a great writer” was born and is developed in the school “San José” in the town of Kennedy, Bogotá, D.C., and is in charge of the licensee Nubia Forero Martínez.