Two books are being promoted by Luis Rafael Gutierrez, a sciaguero who effortlessly became a writer.

“Adivina Enamorador” and “Armando Alegría”, literary works aimed at children and adults willing to revive their childhood through their reading, are the writings of this 26 year old.

“Adivina Enamorador” is a book for all audiences, containing riddles and poems that speak of the first love.

On the other hand, “Armando Alegria”, tells the story of an orphaned child, who despite all the difficulties, lives happily, realizing more before he is an angel and has a special mission.

“This book is a Chinese box, it brings surprises, because within this story there is one more, where traditional games are rescued,” said Gutierrez.

The greatest support Luis has had is God; With great efforts fulfilled his dream and today he is in the cities of the Coast promoting his new books.
This young man started writing 10 years ago, but he did it as a hobby at school. His incentive, to let go, was to win the poetry prize, Gregorio Castañeda León, promoted by the teachers’ union in the department of Magdalena.

His teacher from the Liceo Moderno del Sur, in his native Ciénaga, noticed that Luis Rafael was able to write and tried to exploit it to the fullest. Her first publication was through her management, “she took my writing to the newspaper El Informador in 2003, it was a poem that I titled” When I grow up, “she said.

“I had to work as a watchman, a seller of used books and other trades. Books and books believed in my talent and published me in 2012 my first book “- Luis Alfredo.
Luis Gutiérrez writes for children, because he considers that we all had children, “second, because we all have contact with them and, thirdly, because the books for them are more attractive; The illustrations, their contents, the form. I try to have my books addressed to a child, also touch the soul of an adult who, through my book, can remember his childhood. ”

This writer, who has made two publications, came to Bogotá several years ago with a backpack and manuscripts, went hungry, cold and many jobs, but he never gave up hope of fulfilling his dream of writing books.

“I do not regret having spent so many needs, because without them I would not have achieved what I am now,” Gutiérrez said.

With his savings he traveled to the Coast and visited cities like Barranquilla, Cartagena, Santa Marta, Valledupar and soon Riohacha, in order to make himself known, since his books so far are only bought by Bogota.
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