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Tiempo de Leer is aware about the education access problems. This issue affects children and teenagers in Colombia and America, and that is why it is imperative for us to provide and effective solution.
Education programs and academic support enforcements have been taking place in Colombia during the last years, unfortunately, it has not been good enough to consolidate high quality education for everyone. For instance, some of the most important problems is the lack of: comfortable facilities, tech laboratories, safe environments or a simple book. Thereby, we have decided to contribute to Colombian and American education by signing educational support agreements with companies such as Canapro and Cootradecun.

As a result, we have successfully implemented and entire donation programme, in which low income families and children have been beneficiary of thousands and thousands of books. In addition, our company has obtained great results with its conferences programme named “Promoción de la Lectura en el Aula de Clase”, which are focused on training teachers, in order to promote reading habits in High Schools. This is an initiative which we are really proud of.