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Benito Cereno – Tiempo de Leer – Herman Melville ENG

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  • Author: Herman Melville.
  • Edition: 1st edition
  • Publication year: 2017
  • Language: Spanish
  • Format: 14 x 21 cm
  • ISBN: 978-958-8962-22-1

While a merchant sailboat is supplied with water on the shores of a Chilean island, a mysterious ship, Santo Domingo, appears, whose strange maneuvers make the American captain suspect that it is a ship in distress, so he decides to lend his aid.

Everything that happens from then on is ambiguous, confusing and mysterious, until everything changes suddenly. The truth is revealed and nothing was what it seemed, history takes a turn and leads to an unexpected outcome.

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American writer Herman Melville is considered one of the great authors of universal literature.

At the age of twenty, Melville began a series of trips around the world that would later serve as the basis and inspiration for several of his novels, including several years working as a whaler and passing various adventures in the Pacific Islands.

The sea and its world are fundamental in the work of Melville, as can be seen in Mardi (1849) or Taipi (1846). These works became a public success although the critic never accompanied his career.

His best-known work today is undoubtedly Moby Dick (1851), adapted to film and television on numerous occasions, but which at the time went completely unnoticed. In spite of everything, Melville continued writing until obtaining great stories like Benito Cereno or Bartleby the clerk.

Herman Melville died in 1891 and it was not until the 1920s that criticism recovered his work to place it as one of the most influential of the entire nineteenth century.

Oscar Iván Hernández Silva, Graphic designer graduated from Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano. He has been illustrating children’s books during 18 years, working as designer associate and products developer.
Currently he works with Tiempo de Leer as one of its most important illustrators; designing Book covers, and setting layout work. His work extends to more than 50 publications.

Product Description

Pages: 114
Recommended ages : 13 years and up
Grades: 8° to 11°

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