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Cuentos de Amor, de Locura y de Muerte – Tiempo de Leer – Horacio Quiroga ENG

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  • Author: Edgar Allan Poele
  • Edition: 1st edition
  • Publication year: 2017
  • Language: Spanish
  • Format: 14 x 21 cm
  • ISBN: 978-958-8962-28-3

The stories that make up this book, published in 197 revolve around the tragedy, illness, obsessions, madness, death and love of its characters; Through which the author shows the fragility of the human being before the ineluctable of the destiny. The narratives are not truculencas, but they oscillate between the suspense, a certain terror, the intrigue, the fear and the surprise that reveals something unexpected or hidden.

Tag: Cuentos de Amor, de Locura y de Muerte – Tiempo de Leer – Horacio Quiroga – Youth Classics


Also available in digital version at the Play Store

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Oscar Iván Hernández Silva, Graphic designer graduated from Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano. He has been illustrating children’s books during 18 years, working as designer associate and products developer.
Currently he works with Tiempo de Leer as one of its most important illustrators; designing Book covers, and setting layout work. His work extends to more than 50 publications.

Product Description

Pages: 198
Recommended ages: 13 years and over
Grades: 8 ° to 11 °

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