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La Metamorfosis – Tiempo de leer – Franz Kafka ENG

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  • Author: Franz Kafka.
  • Edition: 1st edition
  • Publication year: 2017
  • Language: Spanish
  • Format: 14 x 21 cm
  • ISBN: 978-958-8962-23-8

This book tells the unlikely story of Gregory Samsa, who works as a traveling salesman in a fabric store to support his family (the father who is a pensioner, the mother and a younger sister). Through a suggestive allegory (one day Gregory awakens into a monstrous insect), the author develops the theme of difference and rejection that provokes the fact of being and acting differently.

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Born into a family of Jewish merchants: Her parents were Hermann Kafka (1852-1931) and Julie Löwy (1856-1934). Franz Kafka was educated in a German cultural environment, and from the beginning, the father of his education, who as a result of his own experience, insisted on the necessity of an effort to overcome all the difficulties of life. Always from a permanent attitude of authoritarianism and arrogance towards their children; And by insistence of this doctoró in right.

Its brief existence coincided with key moments in history: the beginning of the century, the First World War and The Russian Revolution. His personal history was signed by his relationship with his father, law studies and office work.

In a world convulsed and uncertain future, Kafka managed to make a place for a narrative that reflects as few as the impossibility and the absence of identity within a society suffocating and facing an oppressive reality. Allegories that undress the heart of man exposed to extreme instances, this creation of a universe and intolerable situations in his literature would give rise to the adjective of Kafka.

He published his first account, “Contemplation”, in 1913, and two years after his famous and strange story “The Metamorphosis”.

Kafka only published a few short stories throughout his life, a small part of his work, so his work went virtually unnoticed until after his death. Fortunately, he had a great unfaithful friend: Max Brod, who commissioned him, before he died, to destroy everything he had written. But Brod did not fulfill his request, fortunately for the humanity that today can enjoy his works.

Franz Kafka died at age 41, in 1924.

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Currently he works with Tiempo de Leer as one of its most important illustrators; designing Book covers, and setting layout work. His work extends to more than 50 publications.

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Recommended ages: 13 years and over
Grades: 8 ° to 11 °

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