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Un poeta no es como lo pintan – Tiempo de Leer – Mauricio Contreras Hernández ENG

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  • Author: Fernando Iriarte Martínez
  • Edition: 1ra edición
  • publication year : 2018
  • Lenguage: spanish
  • Format: 21  x 21 cm
  • ISBN: 978-958-8962-35-1

A tender story that happens in the city of chimneys. Poupelle, the “garbage man”, goes through his streets in Hallowen and everyone thinks it’s a disguise. They reject him for his smell, but he meets Lubicchi, a young man who welcomes him into his house. The author builds a fantastic scenario with unusual characters and an outcome that will reach deep into the hearts of readers. Fine illustrations to stimulate the reader’s imagination.

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He was born in Ocaña (Norte de Santander) in 1951. Writer, essayist, doctor in law of the National University of Colombia. Professor of different universities of Bogotá. Finalist in the National Contest novel of the District Institute of Culture. (Bogotá, 1995). Author of books such as: “Plural country, essay on Colombians”; “The eye and the guilt”; “Mata-mata, Matallana” (2015) and “The Russi case” (2016). The Editorial Tiempo de Leer has published its authorship: “El Chispero Carbonell” (2009), short novel of historical cut; “An E-mail to Mrs. Bloom” (2010) of the urban literature stream; “Looking for Nazim” (2012) crime novel; and “The wars of General Nariño” (2016) literary chronicle about the life of the hero.

María Solias, Venezuelan visual artist graduated from the Universidad de los Andes. Tachirense, born in 1991. Passionate about painting, fashion and books, she focuses on editorial design where she highlights her artist’s book “Tata”, textile design, launching her first “Lloronas” collection in 2015 and the illustration of children’s and youthful works with more than 15 titles published in different publishers around the world. He works mainly in oil or digital painting, reflecting on the composition, the color, the design of characters and scenarios.

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Pages: 127
Recommended ages: 10 years
Grades: 5° 6° and  7°

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