He was born in Sahagún (Córdoba), near the sea of Tolú and Coveñas and lives in Bogota. He belongs to the literary group Contra cartel de Bogotá, specializes in Hispanic American Literature at the Andrés Bello Seminary of the Instituto Caro y Cuervo and currently holds a Master’s Degree in Literature at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogota. He has received several literary recognitions. His most recent figurations; Winner of the XXIV National Story Competition of the Metropolitan University of Barranquilla 2002; Award for best book of stories, Viñetas de amor y de vida, Colombian Chamber of Books XIII International Book Fair, Bogotá April 2000. His book La vendedora de carnazes (Educar Cultural), won second place in the National Contest of Novel Enka Of the city of Medellín. With the novel This sky in portraits, obtained honor mention in the National Contest of Novel Plaza and Janés of Bogota.

He appears in the new anthologies The Minimization in Colombia, National Pedagogical University (Bogotá), Anthology of the Colombian short story, University of the Valley (Cali) and Anthology of the Caribbean Tale, narrators of the Caribbean, University of Magdalena (Santa Marta).

His works include:

  • The Visitor (novel, 1st edition 1985, 2nd edition 1989, 3rd edition 1993, 4th edition 2005, 5th edition 2006).
  • The obsession of living (short stories, 1990).
  • The Persecuted (short stories, 1980).
  • The seller of carnations (novel, 1993).
  • The top of Arcelio (stories for children, 1981).
  • The top of Arcelio (Ediciones Magisterio).
  • The Claveles saleswoman has editions in English.
  • La obsesión de vivir (cuentos, 1990).
  • Los Perseguidos (cuentos, 1980).
  • La vendedora de claveles (novela, 1993).
  • El trompo de Arcelio (cuentos para niños, 1981).
  • El trompo de Arcelio (Ediciones Magisterio).
  • La vendedora de Claveles tienen ediciones en inglés.

More recently, the Editorial Tiempo de Leer published two short stories:

  • “Three Guys and an Iguana” (2012)
  • “Uncle Rubén and the Beetle” (2012).