Let’s go to the Filbo

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Let's go to FILBO2017 ...! The International Book Fair of Bogotá, FILBO,

Echandia IED Project

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Martín Girasol ENG

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Martín Girasol The friend of the trees, the birds, the wind and

The boys have to go back to school

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"The Boys Have to Get Back A Little Bored" Posted on September 22,

Project Writer’s Birth

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Project Writer's Birth The project "Born a reader, born a great writer" is

editorial final-01

Find in Editorial Tiempo de Leer the best offer of books for children, youth and adult education.

Editorial Tiempo de Leer is a company of teachers, with a pedagogical and cultural focus, which seeks to contribute to the goal of schools and colleges in Colombia and Latin America achieving an excellent level of educational quality for children and young people. Thus, the Editorial Tiempo de Leer consolidates an offer of books for children and youth literature, school material and physical and virtual educational support; Of the highest quality focused on educating capable children, insightful girls, young readers and adults with critical opinion; Capable of understanding the world, caring for nature and its resources, and living with other living beings, making respect and understanding, a social dynamic. In this way, we are convinced that through education and reading we can ensure that the new generations are better and can achieve fairness and justice sustainable development over time.

Since 1999, in Editorial Tiempo de Leer, we have developed the best literary offer in Colombia, by implementing a model in which the editorial and pedagogical quality, the exaltation of human values and respect for our natural resources are protagonists. To date, we have worked with more than 500 schools nationwide, we have been selected as winners of local and national calls, we have collaboration programs with Linio, Canapro, Amazon, Google, Colombian book camera, Saberes, Fundación Pies Barefoot, Dr. Clown Foundation, among others; We maintain commercial relations at an international level and we have a presence at the book fairs in Bogotá, Guadalajara and Bologna. Finally, we were awarded with the prize “Argos Construye Readers 2016”, for our great literary offer of excellent quality. Thus, Editorial Tiempo de Leer remains committed to Colombia and Latin America, for a more educated and inclusive society.