Martín Girasol

The friend of the trees, the birds, the wind and the flowers has found the fertile soil to grow the most beautiful flowers. Martín Girasol teaches us to live in harmony with nature, to admire and care for it.

“I am the walking wind,

Old of old loves.

I came to greet you

And to fall in love with flowers “

This is how the wind sings to Martin Girasol, but also tells him that bad men are cutting down the trees.

One day, when he gets up, he is warned that the trees have been set on fire and that the flames will consume even the garden which he sowed and cared for so carefully.

In the end, the wind, called by the birds, sang to him:

“The old Sunflower died,

Cultivator of flowers,

And his death means

The death of my loves “



This beautiful account of José Martínez has deserved the best comments of literary criticism. And it enters to be part of the Ecocuentos and Ecofábulas Collection that has successfully spread the Editorial Time of Read. It is a 48 page book, beautifully illustrated by Edwin Angel.

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