The Reading Time Newsletter is born

When we published the first book, 18 years ago, few believed that we would publish the second. Today we have about one hundred works circulating in schools, schools, libraries, bibliobancos, bookstores, fairs, etc. Like the books, we hope that this first newsletter celebrates not only this first edition but the second, the tenth, the twentieth … ediciones.

Editorial Tiempo de Leer was born as a cultural and educational company of educators with the purpose of publishing literature, pedagogy, educational legislation, among other subjects. But the interest of the teachers and of the editors themselves led us to be inclined to publish books for children and young people. A decision that became passion. Today literature is our specialty.

In this short journey of life we have created collections such as: time to dream, echoes and ecofabulas, and exotic animals of the tropics, aimed at children from three to eleven years; Collections for young people such as: juvenile literature, bicentennial and short novel. All with titles that have been well received by children, youth, teachers and parents.

The newsletter that we are presenting today will be a space for all of you. For your opinion, write about your pedagogical experiences, be informed of the literary events that happen in Bogota, and, of course, know the news published by Tiempo de Leer.